Massimo Listri

Italian photographer Massimo Listri has become famous as a master of bringing a vibrant energy to interior spaces. Listri’s portrayals capture the majesty of grand structures, but also reveal the smallest details with a power to expose the secrets and stories contained within. He instills a feeling of awe that permeates the interiors of his compositions when all humans have disappeared and what remains is the splendid architecture that becomes the backdrop to human drama. This awe creates a sense of calmness while his intuitive sense of perspective, equilibrium, and use of natural light complete his masterful and mysterious compositions. As Listri puts it, his photographs offer, “an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society.”

Massimo Listri was born in 1953 and first developed his love for photography at the age of 16 after being exposed to art and architecture publications that his father received. During his university years, he contributed photographic work to various publications devoted to art, architecture, and interior design. Later he founded his own internationally renowned magazine FMR. Listri has published his photographs in more than 60 architectural books and has exhibited his work at numerous solo exhibitions throughout the world at such locations as El Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires and the Palazzo Pitti, Florence. Listri finds and photographs spaces that have aesthetic and historic wealth in such a way that preserves their beauty and simultaneously enhances their history. Freezing time in the spaces, but always instilling a dynamic quality to the extraordinary interiors is Listri’s true talent as a photographer.

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