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Michael Eastman, Portico Stairwell 2, 2010
The Immediate Image
April 23 - June 18, 2022 The photographers using sublimation onto metal, produce beautiful, luminous…

Cross Currents

Michael Eastman, Abstract Wall 2, Havana

Andrea Greenspan on Michael Eastman

“I am particularly drawn to Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000. Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000, illustrates Castro’s Communist strangulation of bourgeois, European architecture, and local voices in Cuba’s cultural history.

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Jim Lee, Ossie Clark, Aeroplane

Martin Barnes on Jim Lee

“I first came across Jim Lee’s work when we were doing the OSSIE CLARK exhibition here. The students at the RCA (Royal College of Art)

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Harry Benson, Robert F. Kennedy, St. Patrick's Day Parade, NYC

Kerry Kennedy on Harry Benson

“My father had just made the extraordinarily difficult decision to run for president on a platform of peace and social justice. He announced

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New Arrivals


Photo Spotlights

Stephen Wilkes, Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba, Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes: LOOKING & SEEING

It was 1996, 16 years before Stephen Wilkes actually began shooting his Day to Night series, when the idea of capturing changing moments in time was planted in his mind.

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Terry O'Neill, Elton John, Dodger Stadium

Celebrating Elton John’s 75th Birthday

HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY SIR ELTON JOHN! And who better to immortalize Elton John than the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill? Terry O’Neill created the iconic images of so many illustrious celebrities of the 20th century.

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Arthur Elgort, Kate Moss at Hotel Raphael, Paris, Vogue Italia, 1993

To Move Freely in a Frame

If there is one name in the history of fashion photography who embodies the iconic ‘snapshot aesthetic’, it is Arthur Elgort. When Elgort made his debut as a fashion photographer, his improvisational and spontaneous style of shooting was a breath of fresh air in an era of heavy makeup, stiff, non-smiling mannequin like posing and controlled, studio lighting.

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Simple Pleasures

Brett Weston, Holland Canal, 1971, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Simple Pleasures: Group F64

  Simple Pleasures: Group F64 “Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual. ” — Edward Weston Edward Weston, Pepper… Read More
Sabine Weiss, Amoureux et Femme Lisant (Lovers and Woman Reading)

Simple Pleasures: Picturing a Little Romance

Simple Pleasures: Picturing a Little Romance “I can live without money, but I cannot live without love.” — Judy Garland Harry Benson, Berlin Kiss, 1996, Archival Pigment Photograph Robert Doisneau, Photographie Aerienne,… Read More

Gift Guides

Gifts for the Star Gazer

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” — Vincent Van Gogh

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Living With Art


Meet our Artists

Meet our Artists: Michael Eastman

“There’s a whole range of feelings when I’m engaged in the process of making art. Certainly, excitement is one of them. When you come up with an idea, you can’t wait to…

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Meet our Artists: Ilse Bing

“I didn’t choose photography; photography chose me.” – Ilse Bing A pioneer of experimental photography, Ilse Bing was a consequential artist whose work was influential to the modernist movement and expressive development…

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Meet our Artists: Renato D’Agostin

“This book is called 7439, which is the number of miles I rode through by motorcycle from New York to California, in the summer of 2015. The coast to coast is part…

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Meet our Artists - Neil Folberg

Meet our Artists: Neil Folberg

“Taking Measure seems to be both specific and ambiguous. It’s like trying to figure out where you are, but it has two kinds of meaning. You can take measure of yourself, or…

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