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Bruno Giussani on Stephen Wilkes

“At first sight, Stephen Wilkes’ photographs look like arresting snapshots of a moment in time, but they contain multitudes of moments. Hundreds of them. Because Stephen creates them by taking photographs literally from day to night – shooting the same scene over and over…”

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Alice Hoffman on Joyce Tenneson

“Joyce Tenneson’s vision is so unique and glorious that it is simply unforgettable. When I first saw her photograph of Dasha with doves, I fell in love with her work and asked if I might use it on the cover of my novel, The Dovekeepers, the story of women in ancient Judea.”

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New Arrivals

Andreas Feininger, The Photojournalist (Dennis Stock), New York

Andreas Feininger’s The Photojournalist

An Art of Observation Photography is an art of observation. Pictures linger in our minds for generations, giving us a record of the past while asking us to think of the power…

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Ormond Gigli, Girls In The Windows

Ormond Gigli’s Girls in the Windows

Merging the Worlds of Fashion and Fantasy There is a well-used adage that says there are reasons for everything. This is certainly true for why Ormond Gigli’s photograph, “The Girls in the…

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Photo Spotlights

David Yarrow, The Iron Horse

Out West with David Yarrow

Please watch David Yarrow and Holden Luntz's zoom call where David talks about his new work and adventures over the last year. He is part of a 3 Great Scots exhibit at… Read More

Looking Back: Those Who We Will Miss

One of the unexplained blessings of being a noted photographer has been that they have traditionally enjoyed longevity – but, like the rest of us mortals, their time is also limited.  In…

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Massimo LIstri, Tepic De Regil, Yucatan, Mexico

Massimo Listri: Perspectives

Massimo Listri: Perspectives Throughout time, the physical spaces that we inhabit, such as residences, libraries, or churches, tell us about our history, culture, and desires. Long after the designers and builders of… Read More
John Loring, Police and drug checking police dog at an entrance to the Isle of Wight Music Festival, August 1969

John Loring: Isle of Wight Festival

The Sixties  The era of the 1960s is remembered for many things. Most of them centered on a youth culture that was part rebellious and part innocent. But primarily, it consisted of… Read More

Simple Pleasures


Gift Guides

Gifts for the Star Gazer

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” — Vincent Van Gogh

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Living With Art


Meet our Artists

Meet our Artists: Michael Eastman

“There’s a whole range of feelings when I’m engaged in the process of making art. Certainly, excitement is one of them. When you come up with an idea, you can’t wait to…

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Meet our Artists: Ilse Bing

“I didn’t choose photography; photography chose me.” – Ilse Bing A pioneer of experimental photography, Ilse Bing was a consequential artist whose work was influential to the modernist movement and expressive development…

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Meet our Artists: Renato D’Agostin

“This book is called 7439, which is the number of miles I rode through by motorcycle from New York to California, in the summer of 2015. The coast to coast is part…

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Meet our Artists - Neil Folberg

Meet our Artists: Neil Folberg

“Taking Measure seems to be both specific and ambiguous. It’s like trying to figure out where you are, but it has two kinds of meaning. You can take measure of yourself, or…

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