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Brassai (Gyula Halasz) Chez Suzy, En Attendant Le Client, 1932, Silver gelatin photograph

Brassaï’s Secret Paris

Brassaï is best known for his iconic photographs of Paris in the 1930s, capturing the city’s nightlife, streets, and inhabitants in a way that has left a lasting impact on the history of photography. His work has greatly contributed to the idea of vernacular photography, blurring the lines between street photography and fine art.

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Norman Parkinson, Wenda Parkinson, Tobago, Vogue, 1956, C-Type Color photograph

The Photographer and His Muse: Around the World with Wenda and Norman Parkinson

Norman Parkinson greatly influenced the world of fashion photography with his inventiveness, charm and eccentricity. Renowned for taking his subjects out of the studio and into the world, Parkinson’s easy and casually elegant style was a breath of fresh air at the time, and it has left a mark on fashion-based photography.

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Paulette Tavormina, Canaries and the Cat, 2024, Archival Pigment Photograph

Paulette Tavormina: Breathing Life into Stillness

The still-life photographs of Paulette Tavormina are anything but still; on the contrary, they are full of life. Recalling sumptuous details of seventeenth-century Old Master painters such as Francisco de Zurbarán, Adriaen Coorte, Juan Sánchez Cotán, and Giovanna Garzoni, Tavormina’s painterly compositions serve as intensely personal interpretations of timeless, universal stories and themes of of life and love, of joy and sorrow.

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Harry Benson, Godfather Brando, NYC

Harry Benson: On Set with The Godfather

One of the series of photographs that best display his incredible ability to be at the right place at the right time are those from the set of The Godfather in New York City. The candid images of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Coppola on the set of the iconic film, The Godfather, offer a unique glimpse into the production process and the interactions between the cast and the crew. His lens presents the intensity and drama of perhaps one of the most significant movies in cinematic history.

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New Arrivals

Adam Fuss, From the series My Ghost, 1997, Silver gelatin photogram

From the Series, My Ghost, Adam Fuss

One of Adam Fuss’ most iconic series, ‘My Ghost,’ embodies his distinctive photographic style and thematic depth. He began the series in 1994, and it is considered one of Fuss’s most iconic and emotionally resonant bodies of work.

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Bruce Davidson, East 100th Street Social Club, 1966, Silver gelatin photograph

Bruce Davidson’s East 100th Street Social Club

Bruce Davidson is an American photographer known for his humanist and intimate approach to documentary style photography. Chronicling some of the most important stories of the 20th century, his photographs have profiled subject matters such as the Civil Rights Movement, subways, circus performers and the rise of the teen culture in America.

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Louis Stettner, Fifties Graffiti, 1954-1956, Silver gelatin photograph

Louis Stettner’s Fifties Graffiti

One of the photographs from Stettner’s early work that present Stettner’s highly aesthetic and observational eye is ‘Fifties Graffiti’, dated 1954-56. The image shows two elegant dalmatians on the backseat of a convertible.

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Yousuf Karsh, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1954, Early Silver Gelatin Photograph

Yousuf Karsh’s Frank Lloyd Wright

One of the many figures Yousuf Karsh photographed was the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The portrait, taken in 1954, presents Wright in a seated position with hands clasped, looking what seems to be at Karsh rather than directly at the camera.

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In Discussion

Barry Saltzman, In the Eye of the Beholder, Ongandjera, Namibia, 2022, Archval Giclée Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

In Discussion: Barry Salzman and Holden Luntz

To celebrate Barry Salzman’s inaugural exhibition in the United States, “Barry Salzman — How We See the World” Holden and Barry sat down to discuss Barry’s work which reflects on our responsibility…

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Barbara Cole, Incognito, Underworld, 2003

In Discussion: Barbara Cole and Holden Luntz

Dive into the world of photography like never before with an exclusive interview featuring Barbara Cole, a visionary artist whose work transcends the ordinary. Barbara shares insights into her latest exhibition alongside…

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Simple Pleasures



Tom Baril, Echinacea

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Tom Baril

Discover the captivating journey of photographer Tom Baril through an insightful interview. From his early fascination with photography to his role as Robert Mapplethorpe’s printer, Baril’s story unveils a rich tapestry of artistic evolution. Delve into his transition from urban landscapes to still lifes, his mastery of pinhole photography, and his exploration of alternative processes like wet plate collodion printing. Experience Baril’s contemporary vision intertwined with references to photography’s modernist roots, offering viewers a unique perspective on fleeting beauty, the fragility of nature, and the passage of time.

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Barry Salzman, What Was And Will Be, Rutsiro District, Rwanda

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Barry Salzman

Delve into the profound journey of Barry Salzman, whose upbringing in apartheid-era South Africa ignited his passion for photography as a tool for social commentary. From documenting inequality to exploring abstract representations of trauma, Salzman’s work navigates complex socio-political issues with a blend of creativity and academic rigor. Discover the transformative power of art in confronting humanity’s darkest moments and envisioning a path towards healing and hope.

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Aurelio Amendola, Giuliano De Medici, Michelangelo, Cappelle Medicee, Firenze, 1992, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Aurelio Amendola

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of sculpture photography with Aurelio Amendola. Explore his unique approach to capturing the essence of masterpieces, from Michelangelo to Canova, and delve into the intricate process behind each photograph. Experience the interplay of light and shadow, revealing the soul of sculptures and the artists behind them, in a mesmerizing display of artistry and emotion.

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Xan Padron, Time Lapse. Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Xan Padron

Embark on a journey through the bustling streets of global metropolises with Xan Padron’s Time Lapse series. Discover the evolution of his street photography, influenced by iconic photographers like Cartier-Bresson and the rhythm of his past life as a professional musician. Explore the sociological depth of his work, capturing the essence of urban life in mesmerizing compositions that reveal the collective identity of the places he portrays.

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Living With Art


Meet our Artists

Meet our Artists: Michael Eastman

“There’s a whole range of feelings when I’m engaged in the process of making art. Certainly, excitement is one of them. When you come up with an idea, you can’t wait to…

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Meet our Artists: Ilse Bing

“I didn’t choose photography; photography chose me.” – Ilse Bing A pioneer of experimental photography, Ilse Bing was a consequential artist whose work was influential to the modernist movement and expressive development…

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Meet our Artists: Renato D’Agostin

“This book is called 7439, which is the number of miles I rode through by motorcycle from New York to California, in the summer of 2015. The coast to coast is part…

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Meet our Artists - Neil Folberg

Meet our Artists: Neil Folberg

“Taking Measure seems to be both specific and ambiguous. It’s like trying to figure out where you are, but it has two kinds of meaning. You can take measure of yourself, or…

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Cross Currents

Michael Eastman, Abstract Wall 2, Havana

Andrea Greenspan on Michael Eastman

“I am particularly drawn to Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000. Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000, illustrates Castro’s Communist strangulation of bourgeois, European architecture, and local voices in Cuba’s cultural history.

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Jim Lee, Ossie Clark, Aeroplane

Martin Barnes on Jim Lee

“I first came across Jim Lee’s work when we were doing the OSSIE CLARK exhibition here. The students at the RCA (Royal College of Art)

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Harry Benson, Robert F. Kennedy, St. Patrick's Day Parade, NYC

Kerry Kennedy on Harry Benson

“My father had just made the extraordinarily difficult decision to run for president on a platform of peace and social justice. He announced

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Gift Guides

Gifts for the Star Gazer

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” — Vincent Van Gogh

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