EDWARD WESTON  Dunes, Oceano
GEORGE HOYNINGEN-HUENE  Swimwear with Hoola Hoop, Miss E. Carise
BRETT WESTON  Mendenhall Glacier
Bill Brandt, Train Leaving Newcastle
JAN GROOVER  Untitled (FS 41.2)
Garry Fabian Miller, A Near Bright Future, Lambda C-type Photograph from Unique Dye Destruction Print, 2021
TRAVIS BOYER  Estrella Del Mar
ZOLTAN GERLICZKI  Getting Inside the Creative Mind #2
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Planes of Light: Photographs and Spacial Borders


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Michael Massaia, Beginnings - New York - Remnant # 4

Michael Massaia’s Beginnings

Michael Massaia, the self taught, American photographer and printmaker was born in 1978 in New Jersey. Focusing primarily on large format black and white film, the body of images he has produced in the last decade show impeccable attention to technique and composition.