Photo Spotlight

Paulette Tavormina, Canaries and the Cat, 2024, Archival Pigment Photograph

Paulette Tavormina: Breathing Life into Stillness

The still-life photographs of Paulette Tavormina are anything but still; on the contrary, they are full of life. Recalling sumptuous details of seventeenth-century Old Master painters such as Francisco de Zurbarán, Adriaen Coorte, Juan Sánchez Cotán, and Giovanna Garzoni, Tavormina’s painterly compositions serve as intensely personal interpretations of timeless, universal stories and themes of of life and love, of joy and sorrow.

Harry Benson, Godfather Brando, NYC

Harry Benson: On Set with The Godfather

One of the series of photographs that best display his incredible ability to be at the right place at the right time are those from the set of The Godfather in New York City. The candid images of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Coppola on the set of the iconic film, The Godfather, offer a unique glimpse into the production process and the interactions between the cast and the crew. His lens presents the intensity and drama of perhaps one of the most significant movies in cinematic history.

Bernie Taupin The True Identity of Superman, Muhammad Ali, 1972

Bernie Taupin: Two Sides of the Sixties

Bernie Taupin is a life-long artist. In the early 1990’s painting became the main thrust of his creative endeavors. In his early work Taupin was inspired by ground-breaking abstract expressionists including Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Hans Hoffmann, and Anselm Kiefer in scale and materials.

Albert Watson, Puff Daddy, New York City, 2003, Archival pigment photograph

Albert Watson: Faces of Hip-Hop

Albert Watson has crafted some of the most iconic celebrity portraits, many within the rap and hip-hop genre, spanning from the mid-1980s to the mid-2010s. His portfolio boasts portraits of legendary figures like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Queen Latifah, showcasing Watson’s versatility in portraiture

Barbara Cole, Untitled 005, Italy, Somewhere Series, 2023

Between Worlds, Barbara Cole

For the past three decades, Canadian photographer Barbara Cole has been pushing the boundaries of photography. Having been called an innovator countless times, her approach to photography merges turn-of-the-century traditions with digital technologies to create ethereal works of art.

Brassai, Picasso mime l'artiste peintre (with Jean Marais as model), 1944, printed 1970s, Silver gelatin photograph

Brassaï’s Picasso

The Hungarian born French photographer, surrealist, painter and sculptor Brassaï is considered one of the greatest photographers and image makers of the 20th century. His body of work consistently blurred the lines between street photography and fine art.

Kimiko Yoshida, The Tale of Genji (Sakura L) LVI, Japanese lacquer with gold powder, archival pigment print on canvas

Kimiko Yoshida’s The Tale of Genji

Kimiko Yoshida is a Japanese born photographer who divides her time between Paris, France and Venice, Italy. Her work is devoted to self-portraits. Part conceptual artist, part performance artist and part artistic portraitist — Yoshida’s photographic work deals with the concepts of personal and cultural identity.