Why Collect?

Whether a visitor to this website is an experienced collector or merely contemplating acquiring their first photograph, photography keeps us visually connected to the world. It is the ideal medium to ask, and suggest answers to questions such as: who we are, where we came from, and what we value – both as individuals and as a society. Photography has always been a content driven media.

As photography has been mainstreamed into the art market its importance and growing collectorship has encouraged museums, institutions, corporate collectors, and individuals to give increasing weight to the medium as an art form. With the development of sophisticated digital technology the darkroom has been replaced by archival printers. This has created a chasm in the marketplace for classic, black and white silver based printing. Conventional silver prints now signify – ‘old school’ photography. There is great strength in basing a collection on the foundations of photography. For the last century and a half photography has mirrored, documented, and commented on the development of the world in every imaginable way. From picturing a ‘world view’ to chronicling private, individual worlds, photography connects us to the pulse that keeps us alive and engaged with humanity. However, there is a multitude of new voices, experiences and a dynamic energy in new, digital based photography based on constructing images that expand our imagination. Although photography has always been an inventive media – with new technology, any visual phenomena imaginable can be presented as a photograph.

The line between fact and fiction has either disappeared or has no intellectual validity.

Photography as an art form, is available in all different sizes, content and price levels. We are available to assist the photography enthusiast at any level to further their collecting. We encourage you to spend time on this site and to check back often, as it is continually changing and being updated.