Temperatures Rising: Surrender to the Heat

July 23 - August 26, 2022   This summer at Holden Luntz Gallery, we are embracing the inevitable heat. As temperatures rise and the summer sizzles, we present our newest exhibition, Temperatures Rising…
Michael Eastman, Portico Stairwell 2, 2010

The Immediate Image

April 23 - July 16, 2022 The photographers using sublimation onto metal, produce beautiful, luminous photographs. This process creates high-definition, visually stunning archival and fade-resistant images. This photo printing process creates prints…
David Yarrow, The Bills, 2021

David Yarrow @ JL Modern

JL Modern 324 Worth Avenue March 19 – April 23, 2022 David Yarrow Hot Legs 2, Namibia Add to cart David Yarrow Nala Add to cart David Yarrow Relentless Add to cart…
Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Miroir 28, 2007

Studies in Light: Garry Fabian Miller and Jean-Baptiste Huynh

March 2 – April 16, 2022 Our present exhibition, "Studies in Light," explores the photography of two artists – Jean-Baptiste Huynh, from Paris, France, and Garry Fabian Miller, from Dartmoor, England. At…
Albert Watson, Carre Otis on Chopper, Los Angeles, 1990

Fashion with an Edge

JANUARY 22 - FEBRUARY 19, 2022  One could posit that developing outside the parameters of traditional fashion has allowed the photographers in this exhibition radical freedom from normative ideas. In a…
Robin Platzer, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton at the Martha Graham Opening

Movies Made America

The exhibition “Movie Made America” arises from the intersection between the still and the moving image. In America, cinema and Hollywood have been part of the dream-making and entertainment industry.

Stephen Wilkes, Robson Bight. B.C., Day to Night

Planet Earth

NOVEMBER 13 - DECEMBER 11, 2021 Throughout the history of photography, artists have explored the vast terrains of our planet Earth, building a profound pictorial legacy on our collective understanding of the…
Facing Forward Photographing Diversity

Facing Forward: Photographing Diversity

SEPTEMBER 14 - NOVEMBER 6, 2021 Shortly after an infant is born, they open their eyes. As their power of perception grows, their first fascination is with faces. We have developed a…
Lawrence Schiller, Marilyn Monroe, 1962, Digital C-Print


MAY 15 – AUGUST 28, 2021 Photographs have often been described as either windows to the world or mirrors of the world. In either case, most of our worlds have been somehow…