Simple Pleasures: Photographs We’ve Kept Under Our Hats

“Good friends, a great hat – life doesn’t get better than that.” – Anonymous

Horst P. Horst, “Study in Ivory”, 1982, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Jim Lee, “Hat”, 1978, C-Type Color Photograph
Edward Steichen, “Maurice Chevalier”, 1929, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Harry Benson, “Kate Moss (standing alone backstage), Paris”, 1993, Infused Dyes Sublimated on Aluminum
Frank Horvat, “Givenchy Hat, A”, 1958, Archival Pigment Photograph
Clive Arrowsmith, “Penelope Tree”, 1971, Archival Pigment Photograph
Ormond Gigli, “Halston”, 1957, Color Coupler Photograph
Sid Avery, “Buster Keaton, What Elephant?”, 1964, Silver Gelatin Photograph
William Klein, “Hat + 5 Roses, Paris (Vogue)”, 1956, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Sabine Weiss, “Clochard, Le Baroud Poussé par son ami”, 1955, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Albert Watson, “Carre Otis, Cheetah Hairwrap 2, Bluemarine, Venezia”, 1992, Archival Pigment Photograph
Gary Monroe, “South Beach, FL”, 1977, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Douglas Kirkland, “Audrey Hepburn with Hat”, 1965, Infused Dyes Sublimated on Aluminum

Simple Pleasures is an ongoing series curated by Holden Luntz Gallery, presenting ten of our favorite pictures organized thematically.

We hope you find these photographs as a gentle reminder that there are always simple pleasures to be found.