Simple Pleasures: Photographs That Connect Us in Friendship

“In friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures” – Kahlil Gibran

Brassai (Gyula Halasz), “Couple Au Bal Blomet, Paris”, 1931-32, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Frank Horvat, “London, Lambeth – boxing boys (close-up)”, 1955, Archival Pigment Photograph
Weegee, At Sammys In Bowery
Weegee (Arthur Fellig), “At Sammy’s in the Bowery”, Executed in 1944, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Jacques-Henri Lartigue, “The Famous Rowe Twins of the Casino de Paris”, 1929, Sepia Toned Silver Gelatin Photograph
Andre Kertesz, Blind Musician Abony Hungary
André Kertész, “Blind Musician, Abony, Hungary”, 1920, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Louis Stettner, Aubervilliers
Louis Stettner, “Aubervilliers”, 1947, Silver Gelatin Photograph
William Witt, “Sunday Funnies”, 1948, Vintage Silver Gelatin Photograph
Jacko Vassilev, “Gypsies from Village Yagoda with Dancing Bears, Bulgaria”, 1993, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Harry Benson, “Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda”, 1969, Archival Pigment Photograph
Roger Mayne, “Two Boys, Portland Road, North Kensington, London”, 1957, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Simple Pleasures is an ongoing series curated by Holden Luntz Gallery, presenting ten of our favorite pictures organized thematically.

We hope you find these photographs as a gentle reminder that there are always simple pleasures to be found.