Holden and Sandy Skoglund sit down to discuss Sandy’s constructed environments and the images she creates to capture these settings. Considered one of the most important post-modern photographers, Skoglund’s work opens doors to reinvention, transformation, and new perspectives. But to say that she is simply a photographer is to sell her short, because she is a sculptor, a conceptual artist, and a painter as well. She is self-taught in photography but a totally immersive artist. The rooms she photographs do not exist outside her photographs.

During the time of COVID, with restrictions throughout the country, Sandy Skoglund revisited much of the influential work that she had made in the previous 30 years. Reflecting on her best-known images, Skoglund began printing alternative shots from some of her striking installations. These new prints offered Skoglund the opportunity to delve into work that had been sold out for decades. This global cultural pause allowed her the pleasure of time, enabling her to revisit and reconsider the choices made in final images over the decades of photography shoots.

As a passionate artist, who uses the mediums of sculpture, painting, photography, and installation, and whose concepts strike at the heart of American individuality, Skoglund’s work opens doors to reinvention, transformation, and new perspectives. As a conceptual art student and later a professional artist and educator, Sandy Skoglund has created a body of work that reimagines a world of unlimited possibilities. Skoglund’s aesthetic searches for poetic quests that suggest the endless potential to create alternative realities while reimagining the real world.

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