Aurora (particolare), Michelangelo, Cappelle Medicee

Silver gelatin photograph on Baryta Paper

All works will be signed on verso with an accompanying certificate stating title, edition number, date and signature.

In Aurelio Amendola’s photograph of “Aurora (particolare), Cappelle Medicee,” he captures a unique perspective of one of the figures adorning the Medici Chapel. The Medici Chapel, located in Florence, Italy, is renowned for its stunning Renaissance architecture and rich history. Commissioned by the powerful Medici family, the chapel houses the remains of several members of the Medici dynasty, including Lorenzo de’ Medici, known as Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The sculpture of “Aurora” is part of the elaborate decorative scheme of the chapel, sculpted by the renowned Italian artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, between 1520 and 1534. “Aurora” is situated high above, gracing the walls of the chapel with her serene presence. In this photograph, Amendola isolates the face of Aurora, offering viewers a close-up view that would not be possible to appreciate from the ground level.

Michelangelo’s “Aurora” personifies the dawn, symbolizing the rebirth and renewal associated with the Medici family’s legacy. Through his masterful craftsmanship, Michelangelo captured the ethereal beauty and timeless grace of Aurora, creating a sculptural masterpiece that continues to inspire awe and admiration. Amendola’s photograph provides a rare glimpse into the exquisite details and expressive features of Michelangelo’s sculpture, inviting viewers to appreciate the artistry and symbolism of this Renaissance masterpiece from a new perspective.