Giuliano De Medici, Michelangelo, Cappelle Medicee, Firenze

Silver gelatin photograph on Baryta Paper

All works will be signed on verso with an accompanying certificate stating title, edition number, date and signature.

Aurelio Amendola’s photograph presents a unique perspective of one of the figures adorning the Medici Chapel in Florence, Italy. The Medici Chapel, commissioned by the powerful Medici family, is renowned for its stunning Renaissance architecture and rich history, housing the remains of several family members, including Giuliano de Medici.

The sculpture of “Giuliano,” situated high above, is part of the elaborate decorative scheme of the chapel, sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1520 and 1534. Amendola’s image offers viewers a close-up view that wouldn’t be possible from ground level, capturing the exquisite details and expressive features of Michelangelo’s masterpiece. The image presents a unique perspective, with Giuliano depicted between fluted columns, his figure visible from just below the chest up. The viewer’s vantage point feels as though they are standing on the opposite side of the columns, facing Giuliano directly. The lighting accentuates the architectural elements of the fluted columns, casting shadows that add depth to the scene. Giuliano’s expression is highlighted, conveying a sense of solemnity or contemplation. Additionally, the detailed ornamentation of his attire, such as the clasp of his cape, is rendered with clarity and precision.

Amendola’s photograph offers viewers a glimpse into the intricate details and emotional resonance of Michelangelo’s masterful work, inviting contemplation of both the historical context and artistic significance of the sculpture.