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Michael Massaia, Beginnings - New York - Remnant # 4

Michael Massaia’s Beginnings

Michael Massaia, the self taught, American photographer and printmaker was born in 1978 in New Jersey. Focusing primarily on large format black and white film, the body of images he has produced in the last decade show impeccable attention to technique and composition.

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Michael Massaia

Delve into the unique artistic world of Michael Massaia as he reveals the intricate process behind his stunning platinum and silver gelatin prints. From solitary nocturnal wanderings to the haunting beauty of abandoned landscapes, Massaia’s work offers a deeply personal exploration of the hidden dimensions of the world around us. Join him on a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression unlike any other.

Michael Massaia

In Michael Massaia‘s landscapes of Central Park, abandoned houses, and an amusement park, light has…