Simple Pleasures: Photographic Sanctuaries, the Soft Light of Reflective Spaces

“Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat anytime and be yourself” – Herman Hesse

Massimo Listri, “Castello di Sammezzano IV”, 2015, Archival Lambda Color Photograph
John Dugdale, “Empire Chair in the Gloaming”, 1994, Toned Silver Gelatin Photograph
Karen Knorr, “The Parampara, Ramlalji Jainarayan Tibrewala Haveli, Bissau”, 2013, Archival Pigment Photograph
Bernard Faucon, “12ème Chambre D’Amour”, 1985, Fresson Photograph
Michael Eastman, “Mirror Grid, Milan”, 2008, Chromogenic Color Photograph
Bernard Faucon, “La Cene, Évolution Probable du Temps”, 1981, Fresson Photograph
John Dugdale, “Scarlet Berries”, 1999, Cyanotype
Massimo Listri, Biblioteca di Fermo, Italy, 2012, Archival Lambda Color Photograph
Michael Eastman, “Yellow Room, Havana”, 2010, Chromogenic Color Photograph
Karen Knorr, “Heaven’s Vault, Villa Farnese, Caprarola (Metamorphoses)”, 2014, Archival Pigment Photograph

Simple Pleasures is an ongoing series curated by Holden Luntz Gallery, presenting ten of our favorite pictures organized thematically.

We hope you find these photographs as a gentle reminder that there are always simple pleasures to be found.