Pictures to Draw Inspiration from Nature’s Landscape

“The question is not what you look a, but what you see” – Henry David Thoreau

Ansel Adams, “Moon and Half Dome”, 1960, Vintage Silver Gelatin Photograph
Edward Weston, “Dunes, Oceano”, 1936, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Neil Folberg, “I am the Lighthouse, Iceland”, 2015-2016, Archival Pigment Photograph
John Dugdale, “Revere Thyself”, 1998, Gelatin Chloride Photograph
Jacques-Henri Lartigue, “My Brother, Zissou, Gets His Glider Airbourne, Chateau de Rouzat”, 1910, Silver Gelatin Photograph
Michael Kahn, “Journey”, 2011, Archival Pigment Photograph
Robert Farber, “Seeing Montana”, 1992, Archival Pigment Photograph
Bernard Faucon, “Damas, Plus Beau Jour Syrien”, 2005, Archival Pigment Photograph
André Lichtenberg, “Study One (Impossible Utopia)”, 2017, Infused Dyes Sublimated
Sebastião Salgado, “Sahara, South of Djanet, Algeria”, 2009, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Simple Pleasures is an ongoing series curated by Holden Luntz Gallery, presenting ten of our favorite pictures organized thematically.

We hope you find these photographs as a gentle reminder that there are always simple pleasures to be found.