Suzy Parker and Gardner McKay, Dress by Balmain, Café des Beaux-Arts, Paris

1956, printed 2001
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Signed and numbered on verso. Stamped artist’s copyright on verso ‘Suzy Parker and Gardner McKay Dress by Balmain Café des Beaux Arts, Paris August 1956 / ©1956 Richard Avedon Printed in 2001’.

Frame: 21 x 17 inches

Richard Avedon’s “Suzy Parker and Gardner McKay, Dress by Balmain, Café des Beaux-Arts, Paris” presents an iconic tableau of romance and sophistication in the heart of Paris. Suzy Parker stands gracefully in a Balmain dress, her elegant figure and timeless beauty commanding attention. Gardner McKay, donned in a dashing tuxedo, faces Parker, his back to the bar, his hands tenderly cradling her face as if on the verge of a kiss. Parker’s gaze, cast downward, exudes a sense of mystery and allure, while her body language, leaning into McKay’s embrace, radiates intimacy and passion. The scene unfolds against the backdrop of the bustling café, with patrons adding to the ambiance of Parisian charm. Avedon’s skillful use of lighting casts a soft glow on Parker’s dress and features, enhancing the allure of the moment captured in this captivating photograph. Through his lens, Avedon invites viewers into a world of timeless elegance and romantic intrigue, where every detail evokes the essence of Parisian allure.