Janis Joplin, New York City, August 28, 1969

1969, printed 1999
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Signed and editioned in pencil, titled and dated in photographer’s copyright stamp, mount verso.

Richard Avedon’s “Janis Joplin, New York City, August 28, 1969” is a vivid and playful portrait of the iconic rock singer. In this photograph, Janis Joplin engages directly with the camera, her face set in a mock tough expression, and her hands raised in fists as if she’s ready to box. This pose captures her exuberant personality and defiant spirit, offering a glimpse into her rebellious nature and infectious energy. The image, set against Avedon’s characteristic plain white background, emphasizes Joplin’s dynamic presence, making her the undeniable focal point. This portrait not only showcases Avedon’s ability to capture the essence of his subjects but also immortalizes Joplin’s larger-than-life persona, making it a memorable piece in the history of rock and roll photography.