Ingrid Boulting, Coat by Dior, Paris studio

1970 printed later
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Stamped with the edition number, copyright statement and title, signed by Avedon in pencil and numbered from the edition.

Frame: 28 1/2 x 31 inches

In Richard Avedon’s mesmerizing portrait of Ingrid Boulting, every element dances together in perfect harmony. Caught mid-leap, Boulting’s dynamic pose exudes energy and grace, her back leg suspended in the air with a delicate pointed toe. The black ensemble she wears – boots, pants, and coat – serves as a canvas for her elegant movement, while her face, adorned only with eyemakeup and lipstick, radiates a natural beauty.

Avedon’s fascination with movement in fashion imagery is evident in this composition. Boulting’s outstretched arms, reminiscent of a dancer’s pose, add fluidity to the scene, while the billowing coat captures the essence of motion frozen in time. Through controlled lighting in his Paris studio, Avedon masterfully captures every nuance of Boulting’s leap, emphasizing the play of light and shadow on her figure and the fabric of her coat.

In this photograph, Avedon transcends the boundaries of traditional fashion photography, transforming it into a visual symphony of movement and elegance. Through his lens, he not only celebrates the artistry of fashion but also elevates it to a form of expression that transcends the constraints of time and space.