Palazzo Ducale, Galleria dei Marmi, Mantova

1996, Printed Later
Archival Lambda Color Photograph

Signed, titled, dated and from edition of 5 on artist’s label on verso.

Available in 3 sizes: 100 x 120 cm. (39.4 x 47.2 in.), 120 x 150 cm. (47.2 x 59.1 in.), 180 x 225 cm. (70.9 x 88.6 in.)

In Massimo Listri’s portrayal of “Palazzo Ducale, Galleria dei Marmi, Mantova,” viewers are invited into a captivating space where light streams in from the left, casting a gentle glow upon the exquisite marble sculptures adorning the walls.

Palazzo Ducale, nestled in Mantua, Italy, boasts a rich history and is renowned for its architectural splendor. Within the palace, the Galleria dei Marmi, or Gallery of Marble, stands as a testament to the opulence and artistic refinement of the Renaissance era.

Listri’s photograph captures the ethereal beauty of the Galleria dei Marmi with remarkable detail. Soft light filters into the space from the left, illuminating the marble sculptures set into the walls. While the sculptures may not be prominently visible, their presence adds a sense of classical elegance to the gallery.

The marble-lined walls exude a sense of timeless grandeur, complemented by the vaulted ceiling above. The ceiling, adorned with intricate frescoes or architectural details, adds to the sense of majesty and depth within the space.

Through Listri’s lens, viewers are transported into a world of classical beauty and artistic refinement. The photograph evokes a sense of tranquility and awe, inviting contemplation of the palace’s rich cultural heritage and the enduring legacy of Renaissance art and architecture.