Kate Moss, London, Vogue Italia, 2006

2006, Printed Later
Digitally produced C-type print

Signed by artist. Certificate of authenticity included. Edition of 3 plus 2 artist’s proofs.

Mario Testino’s photograph of Kate Moss for Vogue Italia in 2006 is a testament to their enduring and special relationship. Captured in London, the image portrays Moss in a moment of raw elegance and natural beauty. From the chest up, Moss is depicted in profile, her head turned three-quarters towards the camera. Her signature red lipstick and eyeliner accentuate her features, while her mouth, partially open with teeth showing, exudes a sense of effortless allure.

Moss’s gaze, directed straight at the camera, holds a captivating intensity, drawing viewers into the frame. Her off-the-shoulder black top with scalloped edges adds a touch of sophistication, while her wavy hair cascades down, framing her face with an air of timeless glamour.

Testino’s mastery shines through in the composition, capturing Moss with a saturation of color that accentuates her radiant complexion and lends a fresh, glowing quality to the image. The choice of a red lacquer frame, matching Moss’s lips, adds a bold and dynamic element to the presentation, enhancing the photograph’s visual impact.

Their collaboration spans many years, a testament to the depth of their connection and mutual respect. Testino’s ability to capture Moss’s essence with such intimacy and authenticity speaks to their long-standing partnership and the unique bond they share.

In this photograph, Moss emerges not just as a supermodel, but as a timeless icon of beauty and style, immortalized through Testino’s lens. It’s a portrayal that transcends mere fashion photography, capturing the essence of Moss’s enduring appeal and the magic of their collaborative relationship.