Lady Gaga, New York, V Magazine, 2009

2009, Printed Later
Digitally produced C-type print

Signed by artist. Certificate of authenticity included. Edition of 3 plus 2 artist’s proofs.

Mario Testino’s photograph of Lady Gaga for V Magazine’s Summer 2009 cover transcends its editorial origins to emerge as a striking fine art piece. Against a bold orange backdrop, Lady Gaga commands attention in a pink wool military-esque oversized coat from the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2009 collection. The coat’s intricate details, including its hood, double button neck panel, and storm flaps, evoke a sense of avant-garde fashion.

Testino’s composition is meticulous, capturing Gaga’s fierce presence and fashion-forward style with unparalleled clarity. Her platinum blond hair, styled with blunt bangs, contrasts vividly against her deep tan and light pink lips, creating a mesmerizing visual juxtaposition. The overall effect is both captivating and audacious, embodying Gaga’s fearless approach to self-expression.

Styled by Nicola Formichetti, the ensemble exudes a sense of theatricality and artistic flair, reflecting Gaga’s transformative impact on the fashion landscape. The choice of the Marc Jacobs coat against the vibrant backdrop adds a layer of dynamism to the composition, further emphasizing Gaga’s larger-than-life persona.

What sets this photograph apart is its innovative presentation as a fine art piece. The addition of plastic peel-on and peel-off glasses, inspired by the Marc Jacobs runway, adds an interactive element that enhances the collectibility and tactile appeal of the image. This playful touch underscores Gaga’s influence on the fashion and eyewear industry while inviting viewers to engage with the photograph on a deeper level.

In selecting a kelly green lacquer frame, Testino adds a touch of sophistication to the composition, elevating Gaga’s image to the realm of high art. Each element – from Gaga’s commanding presence to the vibrant color palette and interactive accessories – contributes to the photograph’s status as a timeless work of art, deserving of display in prestigious galleries and collections.