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Lawrence Schiller, Marilyn Monroe, 1962, Digital C-Print


MAY 15 – AUGUST 28, 2021

Neil Folberg, Ballistra

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Neil Folberg

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of Neil Folberg’s photography as he shares insights into his inspiration, process, and most cherished works. From his early encounters with photography to his exploration of celestial wonders in “Celestial Nights” and the fusion of past and present in “Travels with the Impressionists,” discover the depth and richness of Folberg’s artistic vision. Explore the intersection of time, history, and imagination in his latest series, “Serpent’s Chronicle,” and delve into the intricate balance between being an artist and a gallery owner. Join Folberg as he invites viewers to immerse themselves in his images, encouraging curiosity, exploration, and individual interpretation.