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Melvin Sokolsky, Jump, Paris

Art Miami 2019

Art Miami 2019 Wednesday-Saturday 11am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm The Art Miami Pavilion…

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Michael Eastman

Discover the captivating world of Michael Eastman’s photography through this insightful interview. Delve into his unique approach to capturing interiors, his use of large-format cameras, and his quest to evoke emotion and narrative through timeless images. From Havana’s timeless charm to the meticulous composition of each shot, Eastman’s work invites viewers to explore the unseen stories within architectural spaces and experience the beauty of the ordinary made extraordinary.

Michael Eastman, Isabellas Two Chairs, Havana, 1999 & Isabella's Two Chairs, Havana 2000, Chromogenic Color Photograph

Michael Eastman in Havana

A New Approach to Architectural Interiors Michael Eastman’s photographs are portraits of architectural interiors that…