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Jim Lee, The Priest Triptych

Photo London 2022

Photo London 2022 (5/11-5/15) – Arthur Elgort, David Yarrow, Frank Horvat, Harry Benson, Horst P. Horst, Lawrence Schiller, Melvin Sokolsky, Ormond Gigli, William Klein, Bruce Weber, Diane Arbus, Barbara Cole, Flip Schulke, Karen Knorr, Jim Lee, Terry O’Neill

Lawrence Schiller, Men at the Bar

Art Miami 2021

Art Miami 2021 November 30 - December 5, 2021 Booth AM208 Albert Watson Albert Watson…
Karen Knorr, Avatars of Devi, Zanana, Samode Palace

Tishani Doshi on Karen Knorr

“I still remember the wonderful twinning of uncanny and wonder I felt when I first encountered Karen Knorr’s work. I’d been asked to write

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Karen Knorr

Embark on a captivating journey through Karen Knorr’s multicultural upbringing and artistic evolution in this interview. From her diverse cultural experiences in Puerto Rico, Germany, France, and England to her innovative approach to photography blending social commentary with aesthetic beauty, Knorr’s work offers a unique perspective on the complexities of identity, heritage, and societal norms. Delve into her thought-provoking exploration of polysemous images, her collaborative road trip project across America, and her profound engagement with wildlife and cultural heritage in India. Discover how Knorr’s work serves as a form of activism, challenging perceptions and inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship with the world around them.