Color Photographs that Expand our Spectrum

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Eliot Porter, “Small Stream in Cinders, Skalafell”, Executed in 1975, Dye Transfer Photograph
Bernard Faucon, “Les linges, Évolution Probable du Temps”, 1983, Fresson Photograph
Fernando Delgado, “Equinox”, 2006, Archival Pigment Photograph
Frank Horvat, “Harper’s Bazaar cover (Umbrella color)”, 1967, Archival Pigment Photograph
Joel Meyerowitz, “Porch Series #13, Provincetown”, 1977, Contact Kodak Ektacolor 74 RC-N print
Jan Groover, “Bottles with Green Shadows & Head profile”, 1987, Chromogenic Color Photograph
Jeff Bark, “Dazed & Confused Magazine April 2012”, 2011, C-Type Color Photograph
Michael Eastman, “Green Interior”, 2002, Chromogenic Color Photograph
Karen Knorr, “The Divine Heritage of the Yadavas, Sheesh Mahal, Karauli City Palace”, 2014, Archival Pigment Photograph
Garry Fabian Miller, “The Golden Flood”, 2014-2015, Light, Oil, Lambda C-type Print from Unique Dye Destruction Print

Simple Pleasures is an ongoing series curated by Holden Luntz Gallery, presenting ten of our favorite pictures organized thematically.

We hope you find these photographs as a gentle reminder that there are always simple pleasures to be found.