And who better to immortalize Elton John than the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill? Terry O’Neill created the iconic images of so many illustrious celebrities of the 20th century. With his amazing eye and ability to create portraits that are both telling and fresh, he was coveted and celebrated throughout his lifetime. Terry and Elton had a special working relationship and many of the most memorable images of Elton arose from their collaboration.

Terry O'Neill, Elton John, Dodger Stadium
Terry O’Neill, Elton John, Dodger Stadium, 1975, Archival Pigment Photograph

On October 25th and 26th in 1975, Elton John performed 2 sold out shows in California at the Dodger Stadium. It was a huge event and only the 2nd time a rock concert was performed at a ballpark (the first being The Beatles in 1966). Elton John had become a bona fide superstar and was at the height of his fame, both as a musician and a showman. The concert coincided with the release of “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys” which was the first album to be released and debut at the top spot on the Billboard. No one was better suited to capture Elton John’s energy and dazzling persona than Terry O’Neill.

Elton wrote, “Looking at Terry’s photographs is like gazing through a window at the most extraordinary and exciting moments of my life.”

Elton, thank you for all the great music. Terry, thank you for the wonderful pictures!