Photo Spotlight

Michael Eastman, Fremont Theater, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2006

Michael Eastman: Vanishing America

Photographer Michael Eastman, renowned for his striking architectural photography, as he calls it, “portraits of the inhabitants of the space even though they are not actually present,” has taken the cause to capture these incredible edifices teeming with American identity.

Stephen Wilkes, Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba, Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes: LOOKING & SEEING

It was 1996, 16 years before Stephen Wilkes actually began shooting his Day to Night series, when the idea of capturing changing moments in time was planted in his mind.

Terry O'Neill, Elton John, Dodger Stadium

Celebrating Elton John’s 75th Birthday

HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY SIR ELTON JOHN! And who better to immortalize Elton John than the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill? Terry O’Neill created the iconic images of so many illustrious celebrities of the 20th century.

Arthur Elgort, Kate Moss at Hotel Raphael, Paris, Vogue Italia, 1993

To Move Freely in a Frame

If there is one name in the history of fashion photography who embodies the iconic ‘snapshot aesthetic’, it is Arthur Elgort. When Elgort made his debut as a fashion photographer, his improvisational and spontaneous style of shooting was a breath of fresh air in an era of heavy makeup, stiff, non-smiling mannequin like posing and controlled, studio lighting.

Dana Gluckstein, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 2010

Dana Gluckstein’s Portraits of Desmond Tutu

A portrait photographer can be fortunate enough to have special moments in their career when they have their camera in front of a truly inspiring subject. This moment was the case when Dana Gluckstein took portraits of Desmond Tutu in 2009

Brian Duffy, Scary Monsters Blue Clown

Celebrating David Bowie’s 75th Birthday

75 years ago on this day, a legend of Rock & Roll and a true influencer before the word was coined was born. We salute David Bowie and all his accomplishments! Brain Duffy was fortunate enough to shoot 5 sessions between 1972 & 1980 — often referred to as his “Golden Years.”