Photo Spotlight

Lawrence Schiller, Marilyn Monroe, 1962, Silver Gelatin Photograph

The Iconic Life and Smile of Marilyn Monroe, 60 Years Later

One unforgettable name that has remained iconic for decades is that of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe became a household name and one of the most recognizable faces worldwide, representing the ultimate platinum bombshell, oozing sensuality, a mysterious aura, strength, and vulnerability at a time in history when cinema was at its peak of influence.

Michael Eastman, Fremont Theater, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2006

Michael Eastman: Vanishing America

Photographer Michael Eastman, renowned for his striking architectural photography, as he calls it, “portraits of the inhabitants of the space even though they are not actually present,” has taken the cause to capture these incredible edifices teeming with American identity.

Stephen Wilkes, Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba, Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes: LOOKING & SEEING

It was 1996, 16 years before Stephen Wilkes actually began shooting his Day to Night series, when the idea of capturing changing moments in time was planted in his mind.

Terry O'Neill, Elton John, Dodger Stadium

Celebrating Elton John’s 75th Birthday

HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY SIR ELTON JOHN! And who better to immortalize Elton John than the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill? Terry O’Neill created the iconic images of so many illustrious celebrities of the 20th century.