Garry Fabian Miller, The Golden Steps

FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 26, 2022

Garry Fabian Miller and Jean-Baptiste Huynh work with the fundamental properties of light itself. With immersive artistry, both photographers create works from nature that elevate the possibilities of the photographic practice. Jean-Baptiste Huynh has used ancient polished stone mirrors to create almost abstract images that resemble the cosmos. The composite mineral constructions of the stones used for the mirrors form patterns of color and light that do not allow easy objectification. Surface light, density, and form become the broader subject matter. The large-scale magnification of small objects illuminates a hidden world created through time and use. Garry Fabian Miller posits a different form of abstraction when he makes his camera-less photographs. His images are made by focusing light passed through colored vessels onto Cibachrome paper stock. He masks off specific areas of the paper in his darkroom and creates final pictures that are the result of multiple exposures employing various colors and forms floating over one another. Both photographers have found their unique way of studying properties of light and color that do not depend on photography’s traditional reliance on recording recognizable objects.