Robert Doisneau Tinguely, Portrait de l'artiste, 1959, Silver gelatin photograph

Robert Doisneau’s Tinguely, Portrait de l’Artiste

Robert Doisneau’s famous portrait of Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely from 1959 titled “Tinguely, Portrait de l’Artiste,” is one of the great examples of Doisneau’s unconventional and often ironic approach to photography. In the image, Tinguely is photographed standing next to one of his kinetic sculptured called ‘metamatics’ in the middle of a street in Paris.

Albert Watson, Puff Daddy, New York City, 2003, Archival pigment photograph

Albert Watson: Faces of Hip-Hop

Albert Watson has crafted some of the most iconic celebrity portraits, many within the rap and hip-hop genre, spanning from the mid-1980s to the mid-2010s. His portfolio boasts portraits of legendary figures like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Queen Latifah, showcasing Watson’s versatility in portraiture

Allan Grant, Flagpole Wedding, 1946, Silver gelatin photograph

Allan Grant’s Flagpole Wedding

Allan Grant’s photograph, “Flagpole Wedding,” captures an extraordinary moment in the summer of 1946, less than a year after the conclusion of the Second World War. It is a testament to the resilience and eccentricity of the human spirit, beautifully encapsulated in the unique love story of “Mad Marshall” Jacobs and his bride, Yolanda Cosmar.

Julius Shulman, Case Study House #22, Pierre Koenig, Los Angeles, California, 1960, Silver gelatin photograph

Julius Shulman’s Case Study House #22

Julius Shulman is often considered the greatest American architectural photographer of the 20th century. His photography shaped the image of South Californian lifestyle of midcentury America. For 70 years, he created on of the most comprehensive visual archives of modern architecture, especially focusing on the development of the Los Angeles region.

Milton H. Greene, Marilyn Monroe - Ballerina Sitting, 1954, Archival Pigment Photograph

Milton Greene’s Marilyn Monroe – Ballerina Sitting

Throughout his career, American photographer Milton H. Greene highlighted the glamorous world of Hollywood and fashion. His photography traced the passage of an era, helping to bring fashion photography into the realm of fine art along with his contemporaries such as Richard Avedon, Norman Parkinson, Cecil Beaton and Irving Penn.