Dialogues With Great Photographers – David Yarrow

Embark on an insightful journey into the captivating world of David Yarrow’s photography, where he shares anecdotes from his early career covering sports events to his evolution into wildlife and cultural photography. Discover his unique approach to capturing remote and dangerous encounters with animals, his dedication to conservation efforts, and his ongoing quest to create images that inspire awe and awareness.

Elliott Erwitt, Paris, France (Umbrella Jump)

Elliott Erwitt’s Paris, France (Umbrella Jump)

Having created an informal and ironic photographic style that is uniquely his own, Elliott Erwitt became renowned as an uncanny observer of humanity and the human condition. Known for his wry sense of humor, he has been nicknamed “Erwitt the Wit” whose photographs evoke everything from ironic smiles to outright laugh

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Michael James O’Brien

Delve into the artistic journey of Michael James O’Brien as he reflects on his richly varied career in photography, from his formative years studying under Walker Evans to his captivating portraits and evocative still lifes. Gain insights into his unique approach to portraiture, his collaborations with renowned artists, and his profound exploration of themes such as memory, loss, and transformation.