Michael Eastman, Abstract Wall 2, Havana

Andrea Greenspan on Michael Eastman

“I am particularly drawn to Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000. Michael Eastman’s Abstract Wall #2, Havana 2000, illustrates Castro’s Communist strangulation of bourgeois, European architecture, and local voices in Cuba’s cultural history.

Arthur Elgort, Kate Moss at Hotel Raphael, Paris, Vogue Italia, 1993

To Move Freely in a Frame

If there is one name in the history of fashion photography who embodies the iconic ‘snapshot aesthetic’, it is Arthur Elgort. When Elgort made his debut as a fashion photographer, his improvisational and spontaneous style of shooting was a breath of fresh air in an era of heavy makeup, stiff, non-smiling mannequin like posing and controlled, studio lighting.

David Yarrow, 1992, 2021, Archival Pigment Photograph

David Yarrow’s 1992

Some Superbowl commercials became ingrained in American minds, one of the most memorable being Cindy Crawford’s early 1990s Pepsi Ad. The minute-long commercial, which showed supermodel Crawford stopping at a remote gas station for a can of Pepsi, captured a special moment in the brand’s history.