Bernie Taupin The True Identity of Superman, Muhammad Ali, 1972

Bernie Taupin: Two Sides of the Sixties

Bernie Taupin is a life-long artist. In the early 1990’s painting became the main thrust of his creative endeavors. In his early work Taupin was inspired by ground-breaking abstract expressionists including Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Hans Hoffmann, and Anselm Kiefer in scale and materials.

Yousuf Karsh, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1954, Early Silver Gelatin Photograph

Yousuf Karsh’s Frank Lloyd Wright

One of the many figures Yousuf Karsh photographed was the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The portrait, taken in 1954, presents Wright in a seated position with hands clasped, looking what seems to be at Karsh rather than directly at the camera.

Barry Salzman, What Was And Will Be, Rutsiro District, Rwanda

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Barry Salzman

Delve into the profound journey of Barry Salzman, whose upbringing in apartheid-era South Africa ignited his passion for photography as a tool for social commentary. From documenting inequality to exploring abstract representations of trauma, Salzman’s work navigates complex socio-political issues with a blend of creativity and academic rigor. Discover the transformative power of art in confronting humanity’s darkest moments and envisioning a path towards healing and hope.

Robert Doisneau Tinguely, Portrait de l'artiste, 1959, Silver gelatin photograph

Robert Doisneau’s Tinguely, Portrait de l’Artiste

Robert Doisneau’s famous portrait of Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely from 1959 titled “Tinguely, Portrait de l’Artiste,” is one of the great examples of Doisneau’s unconventional and often ironic approach to photography. In the image, Tinguely is photographed standing next to one of his kinetic sculptured called ‘metamatics’ in the middle of a street in Paris.