May 8, 2019 – June 15, 2019

MAY 8 – JUNE 15, 2019

Spring is a time of awakening, a moment where the withering, somber disposition of the winter fades away and gives rise to the colorful, blossoming spirits of new life. The season creates a landscape of revelation and joy, urging our human nature to exit our interior confines and enjoy the elements to which we are intrinsically associated. Spring allows an affirmative sense of wellbeing; sunshine and warmth are genuinely a tonic for our spirit. In this greeting of natural light, of blossoming, of birdsong, and new beginnings, the vibrant panoply of colors derived from flowers, fruits, bare skin, and warmer landscapes create a new, euphoric norm.

This exhibition highlights a celebration of spring, presenting contemporary photographers that depict a variety of visual symbolisms associated with the reinvigorated, jubilant environment.
The figurative photographs on display range from, Dimitris Yeros and Roberto Edwards’s figures set in a backdrop of nature (flora & fauna), John Dugdale and Flor Garduño’s odes to the lyrical power of flowers and the human figure, and Ken Browar & Deborah Ory’s graceful, elegantly flowing dancers. While also showcasing Jim Lee’s impressionist, fashion-based, pastel-colored photographs, Bernard Faucon’s dream-like mises-en-scené, and Kimiko Yoshida’s visceral, potent use of color in portraiture.

In their “constructed” photographs, Stephen Wilkes’s depiction of awe-striking, time warping landscapes, celebrate the vitality of nature and human activity, while Garry Fabian Miller presents the abstracted, primal joys and radiance of pure light. Finally, Paulette Tavormina’s contemporary vanitas of fruits reference the masters of painting and the abundance of the harvest, aligning themselves with famous artworks that depict the bounty of the natural world. Celebrating the advent of spring, these contemporary pictures representing renowned photographers from Greece, England, Chile, Mexico, the U.S., Italy, and Japan, inspire a renewed connection to the environment and the felicity that can be found in the ever-returning Spring.