Patrick de Warren

Patrick de Warren is a contemporary photographer and filmmaker, working mainly in high fashion and advertising. His family left its native Avignon, France for Paris, where Patrick was raised in the world’s fashion capital. Today the artist spends his time between Paris and New York.

de Warren began taking pictures in his early twenties. In 2000 he received the honorable position of photographer for the Armani Art Exchange project, personally selected by Giorgio Armani himself. He has photographed celebrities including Chloe Sevigny, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Christina Ricci. In 2002, he won the North American Polaroid International Photography Award. His work with Polaroid film is some of his most interesting; he is fascinated by its ability to instantly capture and present a moment in time. 

de Warren has established himself as a prominent photographer of our time. His work has been exhibited internationally from North America to Europe to Japan. He is currently experimenting in film and video.

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