Love at First Sight, Palazinna Cinese (Metamorphoses)

2017, Printed later
Archival Pigment Photograph

Signed, titled, dated and numbered from edition of 5 on certificate of authenticity.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small: 24 x 30 inches (60 x 76.2 cm)

Large: 48 x 60 inches (122 x 152 cm)

Extra Large: 58 x 72 1/2 inches (142 x 184 cm)

Palazzina Cinese, also known as the Chinese Palace, is a striking example of 18th-century architecture located in Palermo, Sicily. Built between 1799 and 1806 by architect Giuseppe Venanzio Marvuglia for King Ferdinand III of Sicily, this unique building reflects the European fascination with Orientalism during that period. The palace’s design features an eclectic mix of Chinese, Turkish, and Neoclassical elements, creating an exotic and luxurious atmosphere.

The interiors of Palazzina Cinese are richly decorated with Chinese motifs, intricate frescoes, and lavish furnishings. Each room is adorned with detailed paintings, delicate porcelain, and oriental-inspired furniture, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship and artistic influences of the time. Highlights include the Sala dei Venti (Hall of Winds) with its vibrant ceiling frescoes and the Sala Cinese (Chinese Room) with its intricate bamboo-style woodwork. The palace’s gardens further enhance its exotic allure, with pavilions, ponds, and lush greenery designed to complement the oriental theme. Palazzina Cinese stands as a testament to the era’s cultural exchanges and the European aristocracy’s fascination with the Far East.