Jorge Luis Borges In Central Park, N.Y.C.

Executed in 1969, Printed later
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Printed later by Neil Selkirk. Signed by artist’s daughter, Doon Arbus, numbered from edition of 75, with estate copyright stamp.

“Diane Arbus captured a moment of literary intrigue in her photograph ‘Jorge Luis Borges In Central Park, N.Y.C.’ Here, the renowned Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, known for his surreal and philosophical works, is depicted amidst the tranquil surroundings of Central Park. Despite his blindness, Borges is shown looking directly at the camera with a pensive expression, dressed in a suit and holding his cane.

With his distinguished appearance and thoughtful demeanor, Borges appears deep in contemplation, perhaps musing on the intricacies of existence or the power of imagination. Arbus’s photograph not only provides a glimpse into the private world of a literary giant but also serves as a testament to her ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Through her lens, Borges becomes a symbol of intellectual curiosity and creative vision, inviting viewers to ponder the mysteries of the universe alongside him.”