Young Couple in Washington Square Park, NYC

1965, printed later
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Stamped ‘A Diane Arbus photograph,’ signed, titled, dated, numbered from edition of 75 by Doon Arbus, Executor, in ink, estate copyright credit and reproduction limitation stamps on the verso. Printed later by Neil Selkirk.

Diane Arbus’s “Young Couple in Washington Square Park, NYC” captures an intimate moment between a young couple seated on a park bench. Shot from the waist up, the photograph shows the boy with his arm draped around the girl, creating a sense of closeness and affection. The girl, turned towards him, tucks her head down while looking up into the camera with a mix of curiosity and tenderness. She appears to be wearing his jacket, adding to the warmth and intimacy of the scene. Arbus’s keen eye for detail and emotion shines through, revealing the vulnerability and connection shared between the couple.