1928, printed 1980s
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Signed, titled and dated in pencil by the artist on verso.

André Kertész’s “Meudon” is a captivating glimpse into urban life, skillfully capturing the dynamic energy of a bustling cityscape. The photograph offers a view down a city street, where the eye is drawn to a bridge overhead, adorned with a black train enveloped in billowing smoke. Below, a path of construction leads the viewer’s gaze toward the bridge, adding depth and texture to the scene. In the foreground, amidst the hustle and bustle of the street, figures traverse the sidewalk, each engaged in their own journey. Notably, a man wearing a hat strides purposefully towards the viewer, a large parcel tucked securely under his arm. Kertész masterfully imbues the scene with a sense of movement and intrigue, inviting viewers to contemplate the narratives unfolding within the frame while capturing the timeless essence of urban exploration.