Andre de Plessel

Andre de Plessel is currently a working photographer living in the United States between Miami and New York. His fine art photography creates dramatic and delicate images with great attention to lighting. De Plessel strives to bring out the sophisticated and yet erotic side of its subjects that he believes is within all of us. His photos convey and play upon sensual tension, as opposed to blatant sexuality. Much power, silence, and an intensive aura surround his artwork. Distance and seduction is the fascinating side of Andre de Plessel’s artwork; it is calculated erotic.

Andre de Plessel was born in the Frankfurt airport to an Italian mother and a French father. De Plessel studied art and photography at the University of Arts and Graphics in Frankfurt and also at the Miro School of Arts in Barcelona. Having lived in Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, de Plessel’s exposure and international experience has had a dramatic effect on his work. He has over 22 years of working behind the camera and he created striking images for companies like Coca Cola, Nike, DKNY, German Bank, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and many more, developing a strong eye and a passion for black and white photography.

Photography & Works