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Elliott Erwitt, Provence, France, 1955, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Elliott Erwitt’s Provence, 1955

Elliott Erwitt, the American documentary photographer who has had a substantial impact on contemporary photography, is best known for the offbeat humor in his pictures. With a humanist approach to photography, his best-known images present the viewer candid and often playful scenes.

Elliott Erwitt, Paris (Dog Jump)

Elliott Erwitt: Dogs

Elliott Erwitt: Dogs Acclaimed photographer Elliott Erwitt, who has a remarkable career spanning seventy years,…
Ormond Gigli, Girls In The Windows

Photo London Digital 2020

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Elliott Erwitt, Paris, France (Umbrella Jump)

Elliott Erwitt’s Paris, France (Umbrella Jump)

Having created an informal and ironic photographic style that is uniquely his own, Elliott Erwitt became renowned as an uncanny observer of humanity and the human condition. Known for his wry sense of humor, he has been nicknamed “Erwitt the Wit” whose photographs evoke everything from ironic smiles to outright laugh