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Barry Salzman, What Was And Will Be, Rutsiro District, Rwanda

Dialogues With Great Photographers – Barry Salzman

Delve into the profound journey of Barry Salzman, whose upbringing in apartheid-era South Africa ignited his passion for photography as a tool for social commentary. From documenting inequality to exploring abstract representations of trauma, Salzman’s work navigates complex socio-political issues with a blend of creativity and academic rigor. Discover the transformative power of art in confronting humanity’s darkest moments and envisioning a path towards healing and hope.

Barry Salzman, Beyond the Pictorial Dimension I, Nyamure, Rwanda, 2018, Archval Glicée Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Barry Salzman – Beyond the Pictorial Dimension

Barry Salzman is an award winning contemporary artist who works in photography, videography and mixed media. His work explores social, political and economic narratives, often focusing on the core concept of identity.