New Arrivals

Bill Brandt, René Magritte, 1966, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Bill Brandt’s René Magritte

The grandeur and genius of Bill Brandt’s portfolio is considered one of the greatest of the 20th century. It presents a wide range of images – from documentary to landscape and nudes to portraiture.

Stephen Wilkes’ Grizzly Bears, Chilko Lake, B.C, Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes, since opening his studio in 1983, has continually pushed the boundaries and possibilities of the photographic medium. The Connecticut based photographer has shot numerous editorial and commercial assignments, but his best known project, Day to Night, is a series of photographs that captures the passage of time within a single frame.

Massimo Listri, Fortuny, Venice, 2022

Massimo Listri’s Fortuny, Venezia

Massimo Listri is a photographer who never documents but rather invents beauty. These are the words Vittorio Sgarbi, the famed art critic and historian has used to define the Florentine artist

Ruth Orkin, An American Girl in Italy, Florence

Ruth Orkin’s American Girl in Italy

Born in 1921 in Boston, Ruth Orkin was an American photographer best known for her black and white images capturing the charm and intrigue of daily life.

Will McBride’s Mike in the Shower

Will McBride, born in 1931 in St. Louis, is an American photographer best known for his black and white images of the youth culture in postwar Germany.