New Arrivals

Elliott Erwitt, Provence, France, 1955, Silver Gelatin Photograph

Elliott Erwitt’s Provence, 1955

Elliott Erwitt, the American documentary photographer who has had a substantial impact on contemporary photography, is best known for the offbeat humor in his pictures. With a humanist approach to photography, his best-known images present the viewer candid and often playful scenes.

Berenice Abbott, New York Stock Exchange

Berenice Abbott’s New York Stock Exchange

New York City, ‘the city that never sleeps’ as it is famously called, has been lensed by countless photographers over the years, but it is through Berenice Abbott’s documentary approach that some of the best known photographs of the city were created.

Mapplethorpe Maybelle

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Maybelle

Robert Mapplethorpe remains as one of the best remembered photographers of the 20th century, most noted for his black and white portraits of celebrities, flowers, male and female nudes.

David Yarrow, 1992, 2021, Archival Pigment Photograph

David Yarrow’s 1992

Some Superbowl commercials became ingrained in American minds, one of the most memorable being Cindy Crawford’s early 1990s Pepsi Ad. The minute-long commercial, which showed supermodel Crawford stopping at a remote gas station for a can of Pepsi, captured a special moment in the brand’s history.