Robin Platzer

Robin Platzer captured a dynamic photographic history of the disco era, and in particular, the culture of the notorious venue Studio 54 and its legendary habitués. Celebrities shot in dimly lit nightclubs, exiting and entering events, and posed studio photography all demonstrate a style and attention to detail unsurpassed at the time. A consummate New Yorker, Platzer’s work highlights the history of the 1970’s in a comprehensive fashion through a range of locations and people.

After graduating from The School of Visual Arts in New York City she began her career on the streets of New York by walking them and capturing photographs of celebrities she saw wandering Manhattan. At that time, celebrities meandered freely and were completely accessible. That accessibility has characterized all her work and marked her ability to capture high profile subjects in very natural poses. She is best known for her outstanding work on Studio 54 visualizing the role it has played in our culture with her images comprising the vast majority of the photographs taken in the legendary venue. Her work has populated just about every book that chronicles the exceptional disco era and the impact it has had on subsequent culture.

In the years since she first began her work, she has been prominently featured in the pages of People, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and used in many broadcasts and biographical programs including those shown on E!, Bravo, and VH1. She herself has been profiled in many of the magazines that carried her photographs, including People and New York Magazine. She resides in New York City and still finds the streets of Manhattan to be a valuable source of inspiration.

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