Charlotte Landreau, Soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company

Archival Pigment Photographs on Hahnemule Archival Paper

Signed, titled, numbered from edition of 15, and artist’s copyright stamp on label attached to verso.

In the photograph, Charlote Landrau, Soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company, Ken and Deborah record the dancer gracefully leaping and capture her in mid-air. The dancer defies gravity and looks to be effortlessly floating with undeniable virtuosity and physical grace. The gestural expressions of the dancer are composed and refined, exuding her controlled lightness and concentration. The composition is centered on both the dancer and her flowing robes, which contribute to the image’s vital energy. Crimson flows of translucent fabric dominate the image, increasing its degree of depth both visually and conceptually. The clothes become a device that Browar and Ory often use to great effect to amplify the expressive impact of their images. The picture artfully unites the flowing garments and the movement of Charlotte Landreau’s body, creating a dynamic composition.