Michael Schultes

Michael Schultes is one of Germany’s new contemporary photographers. In the late 1970s he was trained as an advertising photographer. He has shot numerous advertisements for fashion, beauty, and architecture clients, along with many portraits. He has had a successful print ad career. 

Since 1981 Schultes has worked as a freelance artist. His recent work is largely concerned with the beauty of the human body and imaginative fantasy. “I find the body beautiful. Its form is ever changing; every body is able to provoke different reactions. The challenge for me is making photographs that reveal the body without totally exposing it.” His pictures often seductively incorporate fruit or flowers with the female nude. His work involves multi-process printing where the body is printed in back and white and the fruit and flowers are in color. 

Schultes has had numerous exhibitions across Germany, including the Sattchi Collection, as well as several shows in Palm Beach. He has also published two books.

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