Rorschach Yoshida XXXVI (Sitting Bull)

Archival Pigment Photograph and Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Unique piece. Signed, titled and dated on certificate of authenticity.


In Rorschach Yoshida XXXVI (Sitting Bull), Yoshida creates a photograph that invokes the symbolic “disappearance” of her identity; she envisions herself disappearing onto the background as well as emerging from it (her body begins to fade in with the background’s monochromatic palette, diffusing the figure), she calls these her “ceremonies of disappearance.”

The captivating colors of the Rorschach marks, the radiance of the garment, the intricate attire, and the hues of the sitter’s features control the viewer’s attention and create the dynamic focal point of the composition. Yoshida achieves visual harmony through her “unwavering protocol” that stringently controls the size and structure of its format but allows for a colorful and arresting interpretation. Yoshida does not engage the viewer, in the sense that she does not look at the camera, heightening the sense of objectivity.

The photograph is printed on canvas, purposely suggesting a comparison with painting. The Rorschach overlay further elevates the tactile surface of the canvas and gives it an abstract element, giving the picture spatial obscurity between the photograph and the painting