November 1, 2019, Études on Glass

2019, Printed later
Archival Pigment Photograph

Signed and numbered from edition of 6 + 2 APs on label on verso.

Études on Glass

How can a visual artist reconcile his long-held obsession with the minimalist piano music of Philip Glass? Can a film score based on slow motion and time-lapse moving images be re-imagined into another visual art form? Just how can the structure and emotion of Philip Glass’ music jump artistic disciplines and translated into a photographic composition?

To create his latest body of work, Etudes on Glass, it was necessary to create a cohesive visual framework and systematic language of color and form that inherits the multiple-layered structure of the music. Moving beyond the structure to the emotive, melancholic nature of Philip Glass’s music, the color blue was chosen as the consistent tonal background upon which the bright colors of the foreground objects are contrasted. And, once the contrast between the foreground and background frame work was determined, I was free to construct, engage and let my creative intuition go.