Rue Aubriot (i), Yves St. Laurent, Haute Couture Collection, Paris

1975; printed circa 2000
Silver Gelatin Photograph

Newton’s signature, title, and negative date in pencil, and his Monte-Carlo copyright stamp and a Reproduction Interdite stamp on verso

Frame: 20 3/4 x 16 3/4 inches

Helmut Newton’s “Rue Aubriot (i), Yves St. Laurent, Haute Couture Collection, Paris” captures a scene of effortless sophistication and subtle rebellion. The photograph showcases a woman adorned in a Yves St. Laurent haute couture suit, exuding confidence and allure as she stands in the narrow confines of Rue Aubriot in Paris. With her blazer casually unbuttoned to reveal a white blouse underneath, she epitomizes a sense of nonchalant elegance. Her slicked-back hair and nonchalant posture, with one hand casually tucked into her pocket while the other holds a cigarette, add an air of insouciance to the scene. Rather than meeting the viewer’s gaze, her eyes are cast downward, hinting at a sense of introspection or detachment. Through Newton’s lens, the photograph not only captures a moment of haute couture fashion but also evokes a narrative of sophistication, confidence, and mystery.