Amy Winehouse, London

2007, Printed later
Infused dyes sublimated on aluminum

Signed, dated and numbered from edition of 20 in in on verso.

Frame: 41 3/8 x 55 1/4 inches

Amy Winehouse was a budding English singer-songwriter, who through her innate talent and singular vision, quickly garnered critical acclaim and captured the hearts and imaginations of her generation. Her unique image and soulful voice propelled her into stardom, but her turbulent lifestyle became a constant target for tabloids and media.

In this portrait, by legendary photographer Harry Benson, the singer is captured in 2007 at a moment of international success and acclaim. Shot in the world-renowned Savoy Hotel in London, it portrays Winehouse in a more comfortable environment; this was Amy unaffected and relaxed.

“I am glad I had the opportunity to photograph the mega-talented Amy Winehouse when she was enjoying the first wave of her success. The petite young woman was not what I expected. She was all business in the recording studio and was personable and easy to work with when we started taking photographs. She seemed to be feeling great that day and liked being photographed.” – Harry Benson

In this image, Harry Benson’s lens focuses on Amy Winehouse, a begrudgingly famous artist cherished for her ability to produce empathy and for the emotional strength of her voice. With his honed skill, Benson captures the sensuous soul of a generational singer-songwriter who owed the world nothing but bestowed upon it such promising talent and moving music. Although the musician’s life would be cut short by tragedy, the photo session offers a lasting moment that will maintain alive the legacy of Winehouse’s work and iconic persona.