Brigitte Bardot, 1965

1965, printed 2021
Infused Dyes Sublimated on Aluminum

Signed, titled, dated and numbered from edition of 20 on verso. Includes certificate of authenticity.

In Brigitte Bardot, 1965, Douglas Kirkland’s mastery of photography captures a portrait of the icon, exemplifying the natural, arresting beauty she exuded.

Kirkland captures the blonde bombshell, Brigitte Bardot, considered as the sex symbol of the 20th century, in Mexico City. The pictures were shot in 1965 during the filming of Viva Maria! Douglas Kirkland was brought on as a special photographer for the movie. He spent time on set shooting Bardot and co-star Jeanne Moureau. Kirkland’s portrait of Bardot captures her natural eroticism, a picture of an unrestricted youth full of desire, evoking a sexuality not forced but felt. Therefore, Bardot’s unapologetic sexuality created a force that inspired the sexual revolution of the 1960s. With a gaze that seems to look through the viewer and into the beyond, Kirkland’s photo of Bardot symbolizes the profound effect the actress would have on Hollywood censorship. Bardot’s rebellious attitude towards traditional depictions of femininity helped break down barriers for the public and society at large.