Dimitris Yeros

Dimitris Yeros has become one of the most prominent contemporary Greek artists. Since 1973, his work has belonged to European Post-Surrealism including his early paintings. He was one of the first artists to present Video Art, Mail Art, and Performance Art in Greece. In 1975 he started employing photography to create fine art and made several series, but in 1985 he turned to more academic forms: still lifes, landscapes, and portraits.

In 1987, he started the significant photographic series “Theory of the Nude” and later the series, “For a Definition of the Nude.” In the latest series, he explores his interest in mythology and the study of nudes and animals, recalling Surrealist traditions, scenes of innocence, and a return to an idealized Arcadia. The often nude male and female subjects are set against elaborately constructed or at other times found backgrounds that show the lushness of nature. Despite ambiguous interpretations of this series, Yeros succeeds in uniting two separate life forms, human and animal, into harmonious and creative images. Also a portrait photographer, he has shot many creative personalities including a recently released book of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Yeros has had over fifty individual exhibitions in Greece and abroad including at Oxford University. He has also participated in numerous international group exhibitions, biennales and triennales around the world. Work by Yeros can be found in many private collections, national galleries, and museums worldwide including the Tate Britain in London, the Getty in Los Angeles, the International Center of Photography in New York, the National Portrait Gallery in London, the British Museum in London, the Maison Europeenne de La Photographie in Paris, and elsewhere. Today Yeros continues to work and live in Greece.

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