Christopher Broadbent

English born photographic artist Christopher Broadbent’s body of work is focused on capturing mood in romantic still lifes. He stages his pictures carefully, and pays the utmost attention to detail in artistic composition and technical execution. His photographs are carefully lit with natural light using long exposure as a tool to increase drama and dynamic range. Broadbent has a strong background in film. He studied cinematography and photography in Paris a the Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinèmatographiques (IDHEC), and secured an early career in Rome shooting documentaries. From there, he moved to Milan to direct commercials. But as many artists do, Christopher grew, matured, and changed. By the eighties, he found tremendous success shooting editorial and advertising pictures for which he won numerous awards and tackled campaigns in both Italy and America. It was a niche that would inform his current work and give him a stronger foundation.

It is a cinematic experience to view the work of Christopher Broadbent. Time seems to slow down and unfold in a single frame perfectly capturing how a flower droops and light from a window fades. His pictures lengthen the moment before a table is cleared as a solemn ode to the closing of the day. These images are calm and romantic in a way that asks the viewer to reminisce and hear the echo of laughter from departed company. They have a strong sense of culture and elegance and elevate classical genres to new heights. The selection of objects are humble and honest and appear more as memories than they do real things. Christopher’s work excels at making the viewer pause and be thankful for beauty in a transient sense, but reminds us it is easily found if we take a moment to look.

Christopher currently lives and works in Milan, most recently exhibiting at Locandina Senigallia 2021-22, “Rimasto nell’Ombra” 2022 Palazzo Baviera, Senigallia, and
“What’s Left” 2021 Palazzo Parasi, Cannobio.

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